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Exit Poll Ruling in Ohio

By Shawn Healy
I wrote yesterday about the clash between the news media and state laws attempting to erase exit polls from the political landscape. In Ohio, the press won an earlier battle against a 100-foot barrier, but Secretary of State Blackwell's revisions were upheld. He prohibited loitering and delaying voters, and media organizations called for clarification. Their appeal was rejected. Interesting enough, Mr. Blackwell is running for Governor and his fate will likely be documented throughout the the day on November 7th by the same entities he battled in court. Favorable margins may have the effect of making him a stronger proponent of the First Amendment.


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Shawn is a doctoral candidate within the Political Science Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he received his MA in Political Science. He is a 2001 James Madison Fellow from the State of Wisconsin and holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science, History, and Secondary Education from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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