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Manic Manchester

By Shawn Healy

Just back from a few hours of taking in all of downtown Manchester's sights and sounds on a warm and sunny primary day. Beyond the Ward 3 polling place, I strolled Elm Street, encountering snowmen, more canine surrogates, a media circus, celebrity endorsements (Desperate Housewives' James Denton for John Edwards), even a candidate. No sooner did I turn the corner near Dennis Kucinich's campaign headquarters than did I stumble upon the candidate himself and his beautiful bride.

In the process, I recorded a postcast with the Freedom Museum's Director of Exhibits and Programs, Nathan Richie. It is posted at the Freedom Museum's Audio Presentation Archive.

The anticipation of the closing of the polls at 7pm Eastern is simply exhilarating, with a long night of celebration, sorrow, and yes, more prognostication to follow. Check back here for a full wrap-up tomorrow, along with another podcast. Tune in to WGN this evening at 6:11pm for my report from Manchester on the Steve Conchran Show.


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Shawn is a doctoral candidate within the Political Science Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he received his MA in Political Science. He is a 2001 James Madison Fellow from the State of Wisconsin and holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science, History, and Secondary Education from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

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